State of the Story – June Update

Hello and welcome to June. I thought I would start this first State of the Story with an explanation of what, exactly, is a State of the Story update.

In a nutshell, the State of the Story Updates are a way to track my progress beyond just a word count (though I may add those too). I have recently (3 months recently, maybe less) been diagnosed with ADHD and while this has caused a host of issues I may elaborate on at a later date, it also gave me specifics to ask about when trying to workout how to get my brain to do what others seemed to do so easily. I asked the questions (mostly of google) and found a whole host of tips and tricks to help an ADHD brain work for me not against me.

Which brings us to these State of the Story updates. I plan to sit down once per month (around the first weekend) and write down everything I have worked on in relation to my current projects. By writing out the State of the Story I hope to accomplish several things:

  1. A written record of all the ways I have made progress.
  2. Also a written record of any set-backs I have had in the past month.
  3. Make things a little easier for my ADHD in the form of having a goal to work toward, i.e. Having things to put in the State of the Story updates.
  4. Letting everyone else know where I am at in the process.
  5. Document any techniques that worked for me and those that really didn’t.

I think it will help so let’s get started, shall we?

State of the Story June 2022

Story Name: Still Untitled. Working Title: Paranormal Urban Fantasy

As you can see in the strategically blurred screen capture of what I call a ‘plot tapestry’ — which is like an outline but less detail, it is how I work out how and when (sometimes even if it will work it all) a subplot will *weave around the main plot — I have a solid Act One finished and have a good start on Act 2. I have also made a start on the actual outline with scenes 1 through 12 completed.

(*Weave = Tapestry … yes, I am that kind of dork)

On the writing front, that is not going well. I did have a few scenes written that have since been moved to scraps because I wrote them before I started the tapestry and outline process. They no longer fit into the story’s timeline, I do think they work quite well to inform the backstory so they are not a complete waste of words (Nothing is ever really a waste of words because they are all practice. These have a use beyond that though.)

Other than that I have made a start on a few related graphical features. These will mostly be for use here on the website and in any advertising that may come about. I think they are turning out quite well and I can’t wait to share them.

And that is the State of the Story for June 2022.

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